Citrix Secure Access

20 Citrix Secure Access Alternatives for PC

Published by Citrix Systems Incorporated on 2023-10-09

  • Category: Business
  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 & MacOS 10, 11 10.11

Common dislikes about Citrix Secure Access

- Does not properly handle DNS resolution

- Tampering with DNS

- SRV lookups don't work

- CNAME lookups are changed to A records

- DNS responses come from incorrect addresses

- Not compatible with latest upgrade for MAC IOS and Citrix

- Unable to work remotely using Citrix on MAC laptop and MAC desktop

- Asked to launch download files that open up random notes application

The Top 20 Business apps like Citrix Secure Access for Windows PC

You might be asking: Is there an app that is similar to Citrix Secure Access? What is an alternative to Citrix Secure Access? and is there a better equivalent app than Citrix Secure Access for Windows? Here, we answer all your questions by providing you with the top 20 Citrix Secure Access alternatives and similar software for Windows. They are the following:

20 Best Business Apps like Citrix Secure Access for MAC