Spider+ for PC and Mac

Published by Brainium Studios LLC on 2023-07-18

  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 & MacOS 10, 11, 10.10
  • Category: Games
  • Licence: $1.99
  • Software version: 1.1.2
  • File size: 34.73 MB

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Spider+ Overview

What is Spider+? Spider+ is a classic Spider Solitaire game designed for Mac users. The game has a fresh modern look while maintaining the classic feel of the original game. The objective of the game is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace. The game offers 1-suit, 2-suit, 4-suit, and Spiderette game modes. The game view is resizable and looks great on all display sizes. The game interface is efficient, fast, and sensible, with single-click or drag-and-drop card movement. The game follows standard Spider Solitaire rules and scoring, and offers auto-save and resume, smart hints, custom backdrops and cards from your photos, timer, moves, statistics, unlimited undos, and auto-complete option to finish a solved game.


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Spider+ Features and Description

1. Experience the crisp, clear, and easy to read cards, simple and quick animations, subtle sounds, and a smart resizable game view that looks fantastic on all display sizes.

2. We have stayed true to the spirit of Spider Solitaire, and carefully designed a fresh modern look, woven into the wonderful classic feel that everyone loves.

3. In Spider Solitaire, your goal is to build stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace.

4. You can either play the easy 1-suit games, or if you feel up-to the challenge, try your luck with 2-suit, 4-suit, or even Spiderette game modes.

5. If you enjoy adding a personal touch to your game, customize the backdrop and card backs with photos from your own photo library for unlimited personalization possibilities.

6. Spider+ is the #1 classic Spider Solitaire you know and love for your Windows.

7. Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the most fun, beautiful, and user-friendly Spider Solitaire you’ve ever played before.

8. You can move cards with a single click or drag them to their destination.


  • - I love selecting my own background not only for the table but for cards.
  • - It’s a very nice solid intuitive interface and a game you can make as challenging as you want.
  • - You have option to get hint and even multiple undos, and ability to restart a game to see if there was a better way to approach it for a win.
  • - Every doctor will tell you that it’s smart to play games like this to keep your mind active and alert.
  • - This is a great game with no glitches and is easy to understand.

Download Spider+ Latest Version

Download and Install Spider+ - PC

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MAC Download:
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Installation Requirements

PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

Compactible OS list:
  1. Windows 11
  2. Windows 10
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Windows 7
  5. Windows Vista

Requirements for MacOS Installation

Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

Compactible OS list:
  1. macOS Ventura: 13.3
  2. macOS Monterey: 12.6.4
  3. macOS Big Sur: 11.7.5
  4. macOS Catalina: 10.15
  5. macOS Mojave: 10.14
  6. macOS High Sierra: 10.13


Spider+ - Is it safe to download?

Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

Software Reviews and Criticism

  • By Macaroni555

    Some issues with this version

    Running this on OS/X 10.8.3. Autocomplete blows up every time. When there are 2 choices of destinations for moving a card from one pile to another, tapping on the card will move it to one of the destination choices, and tapping on it again will move it back to the original pile, while ignoring the second destination choice. Continuing to tap on the card will move it back to the first destination choice, and the game will never move it to the second destination choice. This inflates the move count unnecessarily. It is possible to manually move the card to the second destination choice, but that defeats the purpose of the automatic move. When a game is restarted, the move count isn't reset to zero. It would be nice to have the ability to tap on a card, and then tap on a destination pile to move it to, and not have the game move the card automatically to a pile of its own chosing, which is often not the best pile. Otherwise, this is a good implementation of the game, and is pretty close to the Windows version.

  • By Ceridwen11

    Somewhat frustrating …!

    The game is okay. My main issue is that the cards do not seem to lock in place easily/quickly. I’ll drag a set to a slot and often it will go back to where it came from even thought it is the right move. Sometimes it can take a few tries to get them to lock in place. If your collum is long, you might as well just click on the card and hope it moves to where you wanted it to be, otherwise you’ll be there for a long time. If you’re trying to beat your time score, it gets annoying. It would be nice if the deck was in the lower right or left corner. It would provide more room for the collums. I like the spider solitaire on my iphone much better. It’s fast pace and the colums lock in place easily.

  • By Kiwilaurel

    Version 1.02 Playing in 2016

    I have no frustrations with this game at all. I love selecting my own background not only for the table but for cards. This makes a game so much more relaxing for me. I would kind of like the option of tracking progress or scoring - but without it, I am a little less competitive with my past performances. Occasionally, after I have completed a whole set - the game fails to jump it to the completed file. Once or twice it has gotten hung up and I had to quit the game - usually it just hangs there a couple of seconds and then works it out. I really like this game. Looks sweet, plays well.

  • By Awileydog

    Very good and compeling game.

    There are only a couple of downsides. One is that the cards are not scalable. If you have a long run, many of the cards are hidden. The second is that the graphics could be better as they are hard to get used to. All that being said, it is certainly worth the cost. The only other game I ever felt more compleling was Pacman. And that was a long time ago. BTW, the game is certainly NOT set up to prevent wins. Skill and a little luck is all it takes.

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