UVI Grand Piano

18 UVI Grand Piano Alternatives for PC

Published by UVI on 2024-04-07

  • Category: Music
  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 & MacOS 10, 11 10.7

Common dislikes about UVI Grand Piano

- Not as subtle as a great piano sound

- Complaints about a buzz from the F# key (the one below middle C)

- Default Yamaha piano sound was way better

The Top 18 Music apps like UVI Grand Piano for Windows PC

You might be asking: Is there an app that is similar to UVI Grand Piano? What is an alternative to UVI Grand Piano? and is there a better equivalent app than UVI Grand Piano for Windows? Here, we answer all your questions by providing you with the top 18 UVI Grand Piano alternatives and similar software for Windows. They are the following:

  • Peruvians Radio
    Price: Free
    Rated 5/5
    0 ratings

    Peruvians Radio

    Peruvians Radio offers different radio channels in Peru to users. You can easily find and listen to the broadcast anytime anywhere

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    Google News Viewer

  • Auvid Tuner : Audio/Video Trimmer, Music Metadata Editor
    Price: Free
    Rated 3.5/5
    65 ratings

    Auvid Tuner : Audio/Video Trimmer, Music Metadata Editor

    Auvid Tuner lets you easily trim/cut your Audio and Video files, Combine multiple Videos clip, Edit Music Metadata/ID3 Tags and mix Audio and Video into one.

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    Pic Collage
    9zen Store
    Animotica Movie Maker
    Acg Player
    Deezer Music

  • GrandPiano Lite
    Price: Free
    Rated 4/5
    220 ratings

    GrandPiano Lite

    GrandPiano Lite is a multitouch 96 key and 8 selectable octaves piano optimized for high performance and responsive touch. Multi-touch, keyboard, and mouse support

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    Turbo Download Manager
    Xray Camera Scanner

  • 120 Piano Chords
    Price: $3.99
    Rated /5
    0 ratings

    120 Piano Chords

    Try 1 day for FREE! Play the piano chords right away - no experience required! This app contains over 120 chords. These are all the chords you'll need to know to be able to play all your favorite songs! Take advantage of clear, easy-to-use interface and learn the basic and advanced chord charts

  • Virtual Piano
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.3/5
    296 ratings

    Virtual Piano

    Virtual Piano is a 97-key (via octave shifting) multi-touch virtual piano with a build-in metronome. > If you like our free piano app, please give us a positive rating which is very important to us for the development of the app! If you face any problems, or for any feedback, please contact us at the support email

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    Pulse Piano
    Electric Guitar Lite
    Play Bass
    Majestic Drums

  • Virtual Piano +
    Price: Free
    Rated 2.8/5
    26 ratings

    Virtual Piano +

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    Animotica Movie Maker

  • Virtual Piano - Play the Music
    Price: Free
    Rated 3/5
    2 ratings

    Virtual Piano - Play The Music

    Virtual Piano is a simulator of the real piano. You can use it to learn how to play piano or play the hottest song on your mobile device

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    Swn Direct

  • Teach Yourself To Play Piano
    Price: $3.99
    Rated /5
    0 ratings

    Teach Yourself To Play Piano

    Teach yourself to play the piano with this fabulous collection of 169 easy to follow video tutorial piano lessons. The lessons are suitable for beginners and will soon show you the basics

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    Classic Metronome

  • Groove Music
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.6/5
    2,014 ratings

    Groove Music

    Listen to your favorite music in Groove on your Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Create a playlist with music you've purchased or uploaded to OneDrive or pick your background music on Xbox One

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  • Spotify
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.2/5
    2,001 ratings


    Spotify is now free on the Windows Phone. Listen to your music, wherever you are

  • iHeartRadio
    Price: Free
    Rated 3.8/5
    2,001 ratings


    All Your Favorite Music and Radio in One Free App. Named "the best streaming radio app" (CNET), iHeartRadio is the only music app that features thousands of the country's best live radio stations AND custom stations you control

  • Pandora
    Price: Free
    Rated 3.4/5
    2,000 ratings


    Tune to the moment you’re in. From the free stations you love to listen ad-free & on-demand, Pandora continually evolves with your tastes

  • TuneIn Radio
    Price: Free
    Rated 3.9/5
    2,000 ratings

    TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn brings you live sports, music, news, podcasts, and radio from around the world. Listen to the audio you love and let the moments move you

  • Music Cloud
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.1/5
    1,987 ratings

    Music Cloud

    Music Cloud is a Music streaming application that offers free unlimited songs and mixes for Windows Mobile/Desktop/HoloLens/Xbox users. You can stream any of the song available on SoundCloud

  • Audiocloud
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.6/5
    1,901 ratings


    Audiocloud is a music discovery, playlist curation and streaming audio app powered by SoundCloud. Experience advanced features such as gapless playback, playback speed control, sleep timer, drag-and-drop playlist management, Cortana voice commands and Live Tile integration! Note: • SoundCloud is a service provided by SoundCloud Ltd

  • Perfect Music
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.4/5
    1,589 ratings

  • Piano 10
    Price: Free
    Rated 4.4/5
    1,484 ratings

  • Musixmatch Lyrics - Sing along Spotify, iTunes, Windows Media Player
    Price: Free
    Rated 3.1/5
    1,233 ratings

    Musixmatch Lyrics - Sing Along Spotify, ITunes, Windows Media Player

    Play music from Spotify, iTunes, Windows Media Player and get Musixmatch scrolling lyrics in time to the music. IMPORTANT: This app works with Windows 10 Pro and Home

26 Best Music Apps like UVI Grand Piano for MAC