Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation

Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation for PC and Mac

Written by Ivan Korovin

  • Category: Music
  • Release date: 2022-08-05
  • Licence: Free
  • Software version: 5.2.13
  • File size: 99.31 MB
  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS 10, 11 10.11
  • How it works | What is Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation?

Whatʹs Great

1. Simple interface, fast files’ opening, smart and convenient tools let you feel the atmosphere of the majestic classical scores, dynamic rock ballads or good old jazz.

2. Support of the main musical formats such as MIDI and MusicXML allows you to easily listen and practice your songs and compositions created earlier.

Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation for PC and Mac Screenshots

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Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation Features and Description

Key Features

Latest Version: 5.2.13

  • Licence: Free

  • What does Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation do? Stave’n’Tabs is a notation and tablature editor for your Windows. Simple interface, fast files’ opening, smart and convenient tools let you feel the atmosphere of the majestic classical scores, dynamic rock ballads or good old jazz. Support of the main musical formats such as MIDI and MusicXML allows you to easily listen and practice your songs and compositions created earlier. Begin creating music • Start your new score from the scratch or with one of the two dozen templates • Get inspired by famous composers in the Library • Listen sounding and choose instruments for your parts from the list with more than 150 items (keyboards, guitars, strings, drums, percussions, etc.) • Connect your MIDI devices to Stave'n'Tabs Edit scores with Smart Contextual Musical Panes • Enter notes with intuitive instrument-independent interface, Virtual Piano Keyboard or computer keyboard • Explore and edit your score with sophisticated Piano Roll and Drums Editor • Modify notes with dots, tuplets and ties • Customize clefs, key signatures and time signatures for bars • Change dynamics • Switch between enharmonic equivalents of the notes • Use customizable voices • Edit tabs with Virtual Fingerboard • Setup tunings with the large value of presets • Use Scientific or Helmholtz pitch notation when entering notes • Edit tabs with keyboard • Diminish, augment and subdivide note values • Transpose pitches by semitones • Make your music alive with lyrics • Input notes by Staff Positions Manage compositions • Navigate around the score with Tracks board • Set the visibility for instrument parts in the score • Select and customize horizontal, vertical or page layout for your score • Find out information about the selected elements in the Status Panel at the bottom • Save changes to PDF for Free • Edit title and information about creators Practice your songs • Play the whole composition or selected fragment • Customize metronome clicking and countdown • Loop the playback of the desired part • Look at the keys on the virtual Piano keyboard Improve compositions • Detect non-playable objects with red highlighting • Use "Starred scales" to determine the chromatic scales most similar to the selected area • Adjust the semitones of the selected area notes to the chromatic scale • Customize the chromatic scale for adjustment Work with different formats * • snt - Stave’n’Tabs project • xml - MusicXML • mxl - Compressed MusicXML • midi - MIDI • kar - Karaoke files • gp, gpx, gp5 - Guitar Pro files * Stave’n’Tabs PRO (in-app purchase) removes all restrictions of the free version • Saving to any supported format • Editing of Music XML, MIDI, Karaoke and Guitar Pro files • No watermarking

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    Software Installation Requirements

    PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

    Compactible OS list:
    1. Windows 11
    2. Windows 10
    3. Windows 8.1
    4. Windows 7
    5. Windows Vista

    Requirements for MacOS Installation

    Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

    Compactible OS list:
    1. OS X 10.10: Yosemite
    2. OS X 10.11: El Capitan
    3. macOS 10.12: Sierra
    4. macOS 10.13: High Sierra
    5. macOS 10.14: Mojave8
    6. macOS 10.15: Catalina
    7. macOS Big Sur (macOS 11)


    Stave'n'Tabs: Music Notation - Is it safe to download?

    Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

    Software Reviews and Critisims

    • By MrOnePercent

      Completely non-intuitive

      I understand navigating a music score can be complex. Its because of that the interface MUST be simple to use. But this is not. I installed the app and literally spend 30 minutes trying to add a single note to a single position on the staff. There is no tutorial, no guide, etc. I went to the website and found some instructions. I did find some, but they are completely non-intuitive. Navigating, selecting bars, measures, adding chords. Its all slow, clumsy, etc. Then I FINALLY found how to add single notes. You select a "spot" on the staff (inside an event), and you type on the keyboard. But the letters you type make seemingly make no sense. You want a C note? Type the letter A. You want a D note? Type S. What?? E note: type D. Seriously? And of course the FREE version you can't save your work. That's not an app - its crippleware. Save yourself some time. Skip this one.

    • By david80609


      After using the free one for a while, I bought it. And it surpasses all expectations. I love it, I have made awesome music. 10/10 Ps. DONT LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE REVIEW, THEY ARE JUST TOO LAZY TO LEARN, PLUS 18 DOLLARS IS HARDLY A DENT IN YOUR WALLET. Edit: the new interface is quite stunning, in a good way though. I caught on relativily quickly to it since I was familar to the old one, but it may be over whelmening to someone just getting this. So all I have to say is don't give up, because you'll get the hand of it after a bit of using it

    • By Gman412

      Perfect for my use

      I had looking an inexpensive program to do sheet music notations and i found this in the App Store while looking Sebelius. I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Only couple thing like to change is having control over the size of the measure between bar lines, the number of measure per line and the spacing between staffs. Its looks a bit crowded, if there's a way to change this let me know.

    • By littlenephew

      From a fingerstyle guitarist...

      I'm enjoying Stave'n'Tabs immensely. In a very few hours, writing in tab has become very efficient, especially using keyboard functions and shortcuts. I work in a variety of alternate tunings, easily customized in the tuning pane. Since I'm primarily an instrumentalist, I use the lyric input to designate a piece's tuning (DADEAD, etc.), and also to indicate harmonics (har.) and other clarifying notations. Perhaps upcoming versions can incorporate specific input possibilities for tapping and other techniques, but overall Stave'n'Tabs is by far the best app I've tried for my composing process. I hope Ivan continues to develop the app, and extend my heartfelt appreciation for what he's accomplished. Lee

    • By NuttyBuckeye

      It's Okay

      I really want to like this app...I can't seem to find a way notate down & up picks. Otherwise, it's a really clean and easy to use app.