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Key Features

Latest Version: 1.2.4

  • Licence: $59.99
  • Rated 3/5 By 656 People

    What does Civilization® VI do? Play the award-winning experience. Expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. ——————————————————————————— S T A R T · W I T H · 2 0 · H I S T O R I C A L · L E A D E R S ——————————————————————————— Veteran players have new ways to build and tune their civilization for the greatest chance of success. New tutorial systems introduce new players to the underlying concepts so they can easily get started. ————————————————————— E X P A N D · W I T H · R I S E · AND · F A L L ————————————————————— In the Rise and Fall expansion, successful leadership of a civilization can send it into a prosperous Golden Age, but falling behind can usher in a Dark Age. Respond well to the challenges of a Dark Age, and your civilization can rise again into renewal with a Heroic Age. Available now as In-App Purchase. ——————————————————————————— P R E P A R E · F O R · T H E · G A T H E R I N G · S T O R M ——————————————————————————— The choices you make in the Gathering Storm expansion will influence the world ecosystem and could impact the future of the entire planet. Natural disasters like floods, storms, and volcanoes can pillage or destroy your Improvements and Districts – but they may also refresh and enrich the lands after they pass. Available now as In-App Purchase. ———————————————————————————— T R Y · N E W · C I V I L I Z A T I O N S · & · S C E N A R I O S ———————————————————————————— Expand your Civilization VI experience throughout world history with new challenges and leaders from Australia, Macedon, Nubia, Poland, and more in the six unique Civilization & Scenario Packs. Available now as In-App Purchases. —————————— System Requirements —————————— If your system does not meet these minimums, Civilization VI will NOT run on your Mac. 64-bit processor and operating system OS: 10.11.6 (El Capitan) or later Processor: Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz (4 Cores) Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: 1 GB GPU Minimum - GeForce 775M | Radeon HD 6970 | Intel Iris Pro Storage: 15 GB available space ———————————— Technical Support Notes ———————————— Civilization VI does not support hard drive volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (CaseSensitive) Civilization VI for the Mac App Store is currently a single player experience. You can contact Aspyr’s Support Team via ©1991-2019 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Developed by Firaxis Games. 2K, Sid Meier's Civilization, Civilization, Civ, Firaxis Games, Take-Two Interactive Software and their respective logos are all trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Published and distributed by Aspyr Media, Inc. Aspyr is a registered trademark of Aspyr Media, Inc., and the Aspyr star logo is a trademark of Aspyr Media. All rights reserved. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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    Software Installation Requirements

    PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

    Compactible OS list:
    1. Windows 10
    2. Windows 8.1
    3. Windows 7
    4. Windows Vista

    Requirements for MacOS Installation

    Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

    Compactible OS list:
    1. OS X 10.10: Yosemite
    2. OS X 10.11: El Capitan
    3. macOS 10.12: Sierra
    4. macOS 10.13: High Sierra
    5. macOS 10.14: Mojave8
    6. macOS 10.15: Catalina


    Civilization® VI - how do I download the app on PC?

    If you want to download the software on your pc or mac, you could either first visit the Mac store or Windows AppStore and search for the app OR you can easily use any of the download links we provided above under the "Download and Install" header section to download the application

    Civilization® VI - Is it safe to download?

    Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

    Software Reviews and Critisims

    • By LukeMagers

      Pretty good game-- just the recent update

      I agree with other reviews: the graphics are indeed more cartoonish. However, the involvement of city-states to which you can levy adds in a more exciting way to get a domination victory. The addition forces you to keep in check with neighboring city-states which could potentially turn on you if you are to lose suzerianship. Personally, after playing Civ IV and Civ V, this game has made winning more of a challenge. It makes you sit back and play more defensive because of the warmongerer penalties. Unfortunantly, the game is a tad slow for me on my mac, even on some of the lower graphics. Then there was the recent update here a few days ago. I was so frustrated when I came home for the day, completely exhausted, and found that "Civilization VI quit unexpectedly". Every time I went to open the game, this message pops up. After two or three days, I got nervous that I'd have to delete the game and reinstall and lose all my progress. I'm still waiting for the game to fix. Otherwise, I truly enjoy the game. Me and my dad sat for hours playing a multiplayer match. Once you get the hang of the mechanics, you'll be addicted. I think that if you have a decently fast computer and as long as you are okay with a mild cartoon-y feeling, Civilization VI is a great game.

    • By Spoken Thought

      It’s good, but not GREAT.

      I’ve played every Civ game from the beginning. This game has better potential once more DLC’s come in. Right now, I’ve really felt like overall, the game just lacks what Civ V and below have. The biggest thing is aesthetical to be honest. Everything is just super cartoonish in comparison to the other games, especially Civ V. The game also lacks it’s intuitive quickness and feel to the navigation. It’s animations are not fully realized. It also strays further from historical accuracy and attributes than the games before. I do like the additional city building options, the largest being the fact that you don’t have to build a city right next to the coast in order to benefit from creating boats. Overall though, it was kind of a let down. For us die hard Civ fans, it will probably be a dissapointment for us. If you’re just now getting into Civ, you’ll probably like it more.

    • By timothymastic

      Solid game, great with expansions

      First off, don’t believe the hype about crashes; flukes happen and it seems a few dozen vocal individuals got unlucky. I’m running a 2013 MacBook Air and haven’t experienced any problems beyond a minor annoyance (i.e. a bit of lag at first when loading a game that’s pretty far along, which is entirely expected and understandable). I grew up playing Civ II, it was one of my favorite games. Civ IV failed to recapture the magic. I played Civ V on a console rather than a computer, and didn’t really enjoy it. Given all that, Civ VI was a wonderful breath of fresh air! I got this game right away when it came out and really enjoyed it, but before long it got pretty stale. What it was missing was scenarios—starting in the middle of a story and accomplishing certain goals against specific opponents. The same few countries always seemed to be overpowered, and gameplay got boring. Now that a bunch of expansions have come out, there is a LOT more variety, not to mention all the new scenarios that come with each one! This game is WONDERFUL!!

    • By Mjblablabla

      Someone please Help!

      I have played this game for a very long time it always worked, the lag was't that bad (despite what some people say, just update from a potato), The expansions are awesome but I have one problem... I CAN'T PLAY THE GAME. when the gathering storm update came out I was so exited. I went to update it, read some things about it, and watched the trailers for some things. I was looking forward for the canals and new civs. but when it finished updating nothing happened! the update just stayed there. No problem right? Just try update again maby refresh your mac? WRONG! I tried to update a second time, third, forth, nothing happened. I wanted the update so bad I went as far as deleting the app to download it again. After I deleted it I cna't download it because it's stil on my mac but when I click it a message that reads this application cannot be opened. I go to the app store but it says to download the app again. I push the button to download but the only thing that happens is a message saying not enough disk space. this may be a problem with apple and not Aspyr. but i need someone to help me. If someone can help me get the game that would be awesome.