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  • Category: Graphics & Design
  • Release date: 2022-03-15
  • Licence: $54.99
  • Software version: 1.10.5
  • File size: 395.76 MB
  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS 10, 11 10.7
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Whatʹs Great

1. Bring your vision to life with Affinity Publisher, the most advanced professional publishing software from the developers of the award-winning Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo apps.

2. And with the ground-breaking ability to fully integrate with other Affinity apps, it’s completing revolutionising the workflow of creative professionals around the world.

3. From magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and stationery to other creations, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app has everything you need to make beautiful layouts ready for publication.

Affinity Publisher for PC and Mac Screenshots

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Affinity Publisher Features and Description

Key Features

Latest Version: 1.10.5

  • Licence: $54.99

  • What does Affinity Publisher do? **Windows App of the Year 2019** *Fully compatible with PC Big Sur and optimised for Microsoft’s M1 chips* Bring your vision to life with Affinity Publisher, the most advanced professional publishing software from the developers of the award-winning Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo apps. Whether you’re creating a book, magazine, marketing materials, social media template, website mock-up or something else, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app has everything you need to make beautiful layouts ready for publication. And with the ground-breaking ability to fully integrate with other Affinity apps, it’s completing revolutionising the way creatives work. Professional layout tools • Facing page spreads • Live master pages, including nested master pages • Image frames with intelligent scaling options • Advanced guides, grids and snapping • Tables and custom table formats • Wrap text around any object or image with fine padding control • Create text frames of any shape • Link multiple text frames together across your document • Text column dividing lines Advanced typography • Full control over character and paragraph styles • Comprehensive OpenType support • Text decorations, drop caps and initial words • Flow text along any path • Advanced flow options and hyphenation • Baseline grid and text frame rulers Perfect images and graphics • Link or embed images in your document • Place PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG or Affinity files • Correct and enhance images with non-destructive adjustment layers • Precision engineered pen and node tools for creating vector curves and shapes • Boolean operations to add, subtract, combine and divide shapes • Incredibly smooth gradient and transparency controls • Live preview of all effects, blend modes and image adjustments Built for your workflow • IDML import • Automatically generate indexes and table of contents • Section manager to organise your documents • Pan, zoom and scroll through documents at 60fps • RegEx search and replace • Saveable undo history with alternate futures • Customisable keyboard shortcuts and saveable presets, including studio layout presets for the UI layout • Smart master pages • XLSX import • Manage and create anchors • Consolidate images linked from various locations into a single folder • Merge multiple documents together into a single file • Save documents as template files to re-use time and time again • Collate your document alongside all used image and font resources into a folder using the Package feature • Convert pixel layer to image node • Integrate text and image links into documents by merging from external data sources • PDF passthrough Professional output • End-to-end CMYK, PANTONE© and spot colour • Crop, bleed and registration • Live preflight checking • PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 output for professional print Full integration with other Affinity apps • Link to your other Affinity apps directly from Affinity Publisher with StudioLink • Revolutionary feature allows you to instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without leaving the app • The most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite of applications

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    Software Installation Requirements

    PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

    Compactible OS list:
    1. Windows 11
    2. Windows 10
    3. Windows 8.1
    4. Windows 7
    5. Windows Vista

    Requirements for MacOS Installation

    Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

    Compactible OS list:
    1. OS X 10.10: Yosemite
    2. OS X 10.11: El Capitan
    3. macOS 10.12: Sierra
    4. macOS 10.13: High Sierra
    5. macOS 10.14: Mojave8
    6. macOS 10.15: Catalina
    7. macOS Big Sur (macOS 11)


    Affinity Publisher - Is it safe to download?

    Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

    Software Reviews and Critisims

    • By crabtrem

      I didn't realize what I was missing until Publisher rounded out the team of apps.

      I have come to love the entire Affinity suite of tools, and can't imagine not having all three apps, since they compliment, and work so seemlessly together. It is where I go first to accomplish everything I want to. I had used Adobe, and Macromedia, and Corel, and Microsoft; but it wasn't until Affinity's structure, workflow and apps that I really got it. I used to struggle with concepts, and I had difficulty comprehending artistic flows in the digital and vector worlds. I seemed dependent upon Corel to do it for me automatically; but try and modify and use a Corel drawing traced automatically; what a nightmare. Affinity gives me the tools to accomplish everything, and really understand why and how I'm doing it. Photoshop tutorials used to just baffle me; why are you doing that, and what the heck are you talking about. Since I jumped in to the Affinity line of Designer, Photo, and Publisher I feel more confident that I can figure out a solution to any task that I can readily take with me and utilize in an unlimited number of variations and scopes. And not to have to be bound by a binding and limiting subscription fee that holds your work hostage from you. I love the Affinity apps, workflow, and empowerment. Thank you.

    • By Bob Kerstetter

      Nicely Done for Pros and Amatuers

      Affinitty Publisher can stand alone. But it also complements the capabilities of Photo and Designer. If you own all three—they are reasonably priced—you can access the functions of all three through the interface of any one. Publisher enables you to publish electronically, on the web and in print. It requires a learning curve for the Studio. But once you understand the simple concept, you can get down to work. Publisher does good typography, tables, images, spreads, tables of contents and indexes. It comes with many templates for print and web. It publishes to PDF for distribution or for printing, including pre-flight checks. It includes many functions for manipulating text, images and layers. It can create SVG content with hyperlinks to internal and external content. If you own one or both of the other Affinity apps—Photo and Designer—you can select personas for an app to acces its functions from within Publisher. I have worked in desktop publishing since 1980. Publisher is among the best DTP applications, historically speaking. All things considered, Publisher is the best at this time.

    • By DarkKnight^^

      The Next Generation!

      Been a long time user of InDesign and a user of the Affinity apps since their public beta of Designer. I've been waiting for years for something to rival and hopefully surpass InDesign. Finally Affinity Publisher has been released. This app is amazing, what it may lack in number of features when compared to InDesign it more than makes up for in speed and workflow. After using Publisher, I can't ever imagine going back to InDesign. Daily I use Designer and Photo, which have replaced Illustrator and Photoshop for me both at work and in my personal use. I can safely say, without a doubt, Publisher will be replacing InDesign for me also. I can't wait to see what Affinity does next with these apps. This is truly a giangantic leap forward in technology for a creative like myself. Affinity has shown they care about the product, and their customers more than making greedy investors happy. I can't recommend Publisher and the other Affinity apps enough!

    • By ThomInSoCal

      Caveat Emptor

      Have been using (quite happily) Affinity's Designer and Photo apps as a useful sub for Abobe's similar products, so trying Publisher was a no-brainer (and at a 50% discount, a great deal). However, this app has the feel of something not at all finished, because unlike the other two products, the problems started almost immediately. Tools that seem as if they should work don't, the app has locked up more than once, and there's an overall feel of instability that makes this entirely inappropriate for mission-critical documents. It's a shame because the other two apps are an actual delight to use. This one seems not quite ready, even in its most updated incarnation. Beware.

    • By spaghettigalieti

      Some good, some pieces missing

      Publisher held a lot of promises for doing self-publishing book layout at a reasonable price. While there are some nice featuers, and the price is fantastic, when I came to learn that vertain features were missing, like footnotes and endnotes, I began to realize how many holes this software has. I am a fan of Affinity Products, but Publisher is the least of the three. While it is worth getting, I think that The developers need to spend more time on offering some fundamental features that people have been asking for since its inception--Footnotes and Endnotes seem like a pretty simple ask.