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Tag Editor Free for PC and Mac

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  • Category: Music
  • Release date: 2022-11-21
  • Licence: Free
  • Software version: 1.0.8
  • File size: 7.95 MB
  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS 10, 11 10.7
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Whatʹs Great

1. You can edit Album, Album Artist, Artist, Artwork, Audio Codec, Audio Format, Bit Rate (kbps), BMP (Tempo), Channels, Comment, Composer, Copyright, Disc Number, Encoded By, Genre, Grouping, Key, Title, Track Number and Year tags.

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Tag Editor Free Features and Description

Key Features

Latest Version: 1.0.8

  • Licence: Free

  • What does Tag Editor Free do? Tag Editor Free is handy spreadsheet for tagging and renaming of audio files. Organize your music in easy and clear way: • Load tags from files and folders names • Edit, copy, paste, find and replace tags • Clean up tags of useless characters, spaces and wrong encoding • Rename files automatically All these actions can be done in one window, using keyboard shortcuts, and with full control over your changes. “A no muss, no fuss OS X application for audio file tagging” - Softpedia Tag Editor Free supports ID3 tags for MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and MP4 tags for MP4 and M4A (Microsoft lossless) files. You can edit Album, Album Artist, Artist, Artwork, Audio Codec, Audio Format, Bit Rate (kbps), BMP (Tempo), Channels, Comment, Composer, Copyright, Disc Number, Encoded By, Genre, Grouping, Key, Title, Track Number and Year tags. Technical information, such as Duration, Extension, File Name, Folder, Path, Sample Rate (Hz), Size, Tag Format and others can be displayed and used for creation of tags. PASS TEDIOUS WORK TO THE APP Tag Editor Free can in automatic mode: • Create tags from filenames and paths • Rename files • Load artworks from local folders • Clean tags of extra spaces and characters • Fix case to unify tags MANAGE TAGS IN MANUAL MODE Select cells with tags, and apply an action to all of them at once: • Edit, clear, copy, paste • Find, replace • Set artworks - drop image from browser, Finder or just paste it • Rename files by typing • Fix encoding by choosing suitable one from the list EASY AND QUICK TAGGING To increase workflow’s effectiveness and speed: • Manage the app by keyboard shortcuts – to speed up tagging and renaming • Switch to full-screen mode – to maximize effectiveness of the desktop space usage • Sort, Filter and change columns’ appearance - to focus on relevant content only • Select single cell, multiple cells, columns, rows or entire sheet - to apply an action • Listen songs within the editor - to check if tags are relevant • Revert and Save - to control changes ORGANISE LARGER MUSIC COLLECTIONS WITH RAPID TAGGING Tag Editor Free is free to download and use. However, it has limitations for a number of downloadable from network tags and for batch changes. Rapid Tagging unlocks these limitations and provides even more productivity for quick tagging and renaming large audio collections: • Download tags from network – even if your music do not have any tags • Speed up your workflow – process and save hundreds of files at once. Rapid Tagging subscription is available monthly for $5.99 or yearly for $14.99. “… your music collection will become a highly organized and easily searchable one” – Windows.informer Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Please, email to [email protected] about feature requests or any problems. We always glad to improve our applications for your needs. If you like “Tag Editor Free”, a review on the App Store would be very appreciated.

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    Software Installation Requirements

    PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

    Compactible OS list:
    1. Windows 11
    2. Windows 10
    3. Windows 8.1
    4. Windows 7
    5. Windows Vista

    Requirements for MacOS Installation

    Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

    Compactible OS list:
    1. OS X 10.10: Yosemite
    2. OS X 10.11: El Capitan
    3. macOS 10.12: Sierra
    4. macOS 10.13: High Sierra
    5. macOS 10.14: Mojave8
    6. macOS 10.15: Catalina
    7. macOS Big Sur (macOS 11)


    Tag Editor Free - Is it safe to download?

    Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

    Software Reviews and Critisims

    • By Danny Dredz

      Whats Not To Like?

      I almost deleted the program because it said free and it was asking me to subscribe. I really glad I didn’t. I have thousands of music files and when it comes to organization I’m some kind of nut. As with most things you have to put in some kind of work. After a couple of weeks I decided to pay, wow this thing is really fast and helpful. Not for lazy people, some songs some people never heard of tag it yourself. Some editors only work within their applications i.e. iTunes outside of their system your tags don’t work. I download a ton of reggae all those underscores WHY! it makes me sick to look at them. I love this program quit ur whine n whose doesn’t want to be paid for their work, how else can they make it better?

    • By RichFlight

      This isn’t free, it stops working to beg for payment

      This is a useful and well put together app but it isn’t free. What’s worse, it begins interrupting your good work constantly and frequently so whateveryou have started is impossible to finish. This isn’t a disabled program in the traditional sense that you can use it for some stuff but some features are disabled until you pay. That is what is usually understood to be a “free” program. This thing tries to undermine your efforts untill you pay up. Essentially, it holds your work hostage. There are so many excellent free and almost free apps on the store that you want to support once you’ve tried it. But it didn’t take long to understand that this one is mean spirited, deceptive and should not be supported at all. Really sad, because it does a niche job very well and I don’t think there’s anything else out there like it.

    • By TangoOversway

      Tried One Album - Enough to Reject This Program

      I wasn’t clear, from the description, if this was soley for my own editing of tags or if it included downloading tags from any music sites to fix poorly tagged files. It doesn’t matter. I tried to load in the files in one folder from one album and that was enough to make me decide to delete the program. I dragged and dropped one folder containing all the files for one album. That was 19 files. It stopped three times, while reading those files, to ask me to subscribe to the full program. I couldn’t even load one CD’s worth of music without being nagged three times! Once it was done, I looked it over, just in case, then quit it and deleted it. I’m not about to spend my money on an app that has only basic capabilities and nags me that often!

    • By sf-nyc

      OK App with limitations - Steep lifetime license

      Don't love it and don't hate it either. Pros: - Tags files including single image for album cover - Free with limitations Cons: - Outdated UI needs to be rethought for better, smoother UX - Can only add single cover image no multiple images - Steep lifetime license pricing for the featureset current outdated UI, bad UX - Monthly subscription at current pricing makes no sense. Should only have yearly ad much lower price - Yearly subscription should be at most $6... compare with Major companies like Adobe where Photoshop, Lightroom and 20GB of online storage costs $120/year (or $6/mo) I'd find it fair to pay 50¢/mo for an app that all it does is tagging audio files although as stated earlier it needs work on the UI and feature set A word to those who love the app... glad you do and that's great. Just consider not to hate on those who provide construtive feedback and rate less than 3 stars because they have their reason. Us "critical bunch" do not hate on those who love the app so please return the favor ;) That sadi anyone who loves the app and uses it often must support dev as they deserve it for the efforts they put in their work.

    • By whoislost

      It works really well!

      I love everything about this program how I'm able to rename songs, correct titles and artwork covers, though one thing i really wish it had was adding your own columns, I wish I could add personalized columns to further categorize songs