Croc's World

Croc's World for PC and Mac

Written by Sprakelsoft GmbH

  • Category: Games
  • Licence: Free
  • Software version: 1.1.3
  • File size: 7.15 MB
  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS 10, 11 10.8
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Whatʹs Great

1. Jump and run through the levels and dodge all enemies.

Croc's World for PC and Mac Screenshots

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Croc's World Features and Description

Key Features

Latest Version: 1.1.3

  • Licence: Free

  • What does Croc's World do? Croc´s World is a really nice jump'n'run with 10 incredible levels and many challenging enemies! It features: + 10 incredible levels + Nice graphics + 2 different themes + many challenging enemies Instructions: Controls: Move left: "Left arrow key" Move right: "Right arrow key" Jump: "Up arrow key" Shoot: "Space" Jump and run through the levels and dodge all enemies. Collect a helmet to crush stoneblocks. Collect the stonebag to throw stones. If you collect 100 diamonds you´ll get an extra life! If you like "Croc's World" then get the iPhone/iPad version with 30 levels!

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    Software Installation Requirements

    PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

    Compactible OS list:
    1. Windows 11
    2. Windows 10
    3. Windows 8.1
    4. Windows 7
    5. Windows Vista

    Requirements for MacOS Installation

    Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

    Compactible OS list:
    1. OS X 10.10: Yosemite
    2. OS X 10.11: El Capitan
    3. macOS 10.12: Sierra
    4. macOS 10.13: High Sierra
    5. macOS 10.14: Mojave8
    6. macOS 10.15: Catalina
    7. macOS Big Sur (macOS 11)


    Croc's World - Is it safe to download?

    Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

    Software Reviews and Critisims

    • By er1(

      has potential...

      Like all of this developers games, the idea and graphics are great, but it is buggy and half implimented. It is designed primarily for iPads and iPhones, and there are no resolution or fullscreen options. Additionaly, it never tells you the keys and there are no options to change the keys (or volumes) although this would be very simple to implement. But the biggest problem is game mechanics. sometimes you will die by landing after a jump where you already killed something. sometimes you can almost touch something and die. and rarely, it will just crash. These things will become frustrating and take from a game that aside from that could be great. I loved the concept. I hope they finish it rather then go on to yet another half finished title.

    • By PoseMotion

      Cool but confused?

      This is a nice platformer with nice graphics but it’s more of a marketing demo for the iPhone/iPad version. “If you like Croc’s World then get the iPhone/iPad version with 30 levels!", as stated above. Why not just release the full game here on the MAS? Other then that, it could use gamepad support. Also, when you get to the end of a level, there’s no flag or marker, you have to make the Croc touch the right edge of the screen to continue. I just found that a bit odd. Anyway, cool game to pass some time. Would like to see a full version.

    • By Mir123z

      Fun but gets boring to play later on

      I think it is a downright knock off to leps world, and super mario. This game has potential, but it needs to also have more levels, I finished all of the levels in one day! It has awesome graphics, and the MUSIC is cool, but if you keep playing it gets annoying, overall, it just needs an update. It could be better

    • By macefuzbl

      Will not load.

      I downloaded this game multiple times and it will not open for me at all. It keeps crashing.

    • By Autumn 💕


      Fun game to play but glitches sometimes.