Snip My - Screenshot tool

Snip My - Screenshot tool for PC and Mac

Published by Mahtca Global S.R.L. on 2023-12-22

  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 & MacOS 10, 11, 11.3
  • Category: Productivity
  • Licence: Free
  • Software version: 5.2.0
  • File size: 2.58 MB

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Snip My Overview

What is Snip My? The Snip My app is a screenshot tool that allows users to capture a selection of their screen, a selected window, their full screen, or all of their screens with a single click. Users can set a delay or trigger the screenshot immediately and edit their snips by marking with a pen or highlighter, adding text notes, stickers, flipping, rotating, saving (as .png, .jpg, or .pdf), sharing, automatically copying to clipboard, printing on paper, and reloading any of their past snips (up to 3 most recent snips that are saved solely on their Mac). The app also offers more control over how users snip by adding shadows for pen marking, setting default colors for highlighter and pen, adjusting the highlighter's opacity, and automatically launching Snip My on startup. The app supports keyboard shortcuts, and the PRO version offers new global keyboard shortcuts for triggering rectangular snip, window snip, entire screen snip, and all displays snip. The app does not collect any data and values users' privacy.


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Snip My - Screenshot tool Features and Description

1. We do not read, store, access, see your snips, screen, files or any type of data.

2. Supported keyboard shortcuts: cmd+c to copy your current edits to clipboard.

3. These shortcuts are global, meaning they available even when Snip My has no windows displayed.

4. (up to 3 most recent snips that are saved solely on your Windows.

5. Set a delay or trigger the screenshot immediately.

6. No data collected.

7. We value your privacy.


  • - Capable of sketching out any portion of the screen you want
  • - Copy to clipboard or downloads folder
  • - Markup capabilities
  • - Works just like the Windows Snipping Tool

Download Snip My - Screenshot tool Latest Version

Download and Install Snip My - Screenshot tool - PC

Download for PC - server 1 -->

PC Alternatives:
Get Alternatives for Windows

MAC Download:
Download for MacOS - server 1 --> Free

Installation Requirements

PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

Compactible OS list:
  1. Windows 11
  2. Windows 10
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Windows 7
  5. Windows Vista

Requirements for MacOS Installation

Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

Compactible OS list:
  1. macOS Ventura: 13.3
  2. macOS Monterey: 12.6.4
  3. macOS Big Sur: 11.7.5
  4. macOS Catalina: 10.15
  5. macOS Mojave: 10.14
  6. macOS High Sierra: 10.13


Snip My - Screenshot tool - Is it safe to download?

Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

Software Reviews and Criticism

  • By Jetzrr

    Nice app and $2 upgrade is worth it

    I am migrating from Windows, where I was quite dependent on the Snipping Tool. There are lots of screenshot apps on the Windows App Store. I found one I lliked, but it was abruptly discontinued. I tried app after app and none of them suited my needs until I came on thiis one. It is capable of scketching out any portion of the screen you want, and copy it either to the clipboard or the downloads folder. If you cough up the $2 fee, it has markup capabilities. Highly recommended.

  • By APPL_Convert

    Windows like snipping

    I used the Windows Snipping Tool almost daily. Moving to Windows required some adjustments and changes to my habits. Thankfully, this app works just like the WST of old! My only gripe is it does not play nice with multiple monitors. You can only snip from the monitor the app is presently on. Therefore, you must ensure you have the app on the screen you want to snip from before you hit New. Not that big of a deal.

  • By Pam Montgomery

    Works great

    I just transitioned from Windows to Windows. This app functions just like the Snipping Tool in Windows. Do a quick snip and you can paste it anywhere or safe it. You don't need to deal with a screenshot to the desktop or anything like that. Just a quick snip, paste it and you're done.

  • By Joycee929

    Needs Improvement

    Erase feature doesn't always work. Would like the option to keep the icon on my taskbar rather than having to search for the app when needed Other than that it does what it's suppose to do.

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