Avalon Legends Solitaire 2

Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 for PC and Mac

Published by Anawiki Games on 2023-04-22

  • Compatibility: Available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 & MacOS 10, 11, 10.7.5
  • Category: Games
  • Licence: Free
  • Software version: 1.2
  • File size: 146.82 MB

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Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 Overview

What is Avalon Legends Solitaire 2? Avalon Solitaire 2 is a solitaire game that allows players to rebuild the kingdom of Camelot by collecting resources through 300 levels of solitaire. The game features 24 power-ups, over 30 buildings to rebuild, wild cards, jokers, hazards, and two difficulty modes. The game has received positive reviews for its fun storyline, addictive gameplay, and beautiful graphics. Players must use the magic cards in the correct order to weave powerful spells of growth and healing to restore Camelot to its former glory.


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Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 Features and Description

Key Features:

- 300 levels of addictive solitaire gameplay

- Rebuild Camelot with over 30 buildings

- Harness the power of 24 unique power-ups

- Retina quality graphics brings Camelot to life

- Two difficulty modes to suit your style of play

- Wild cards, jokers, hazards and more to keep the game challenging

- A fun and engaging storyline

- A long-standing alliance with King Arthur and his knights of Camelot

- Relaxing and challenging gameplay

- Suitable for solitaire fans of all levels


  • -Challenging and fun to play
  • -Option to undo a move
  • -Allows you to build a village with gold you win
  • -Can play for hours
  • -Can continue playing at a later time

Download Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 Latest Version

Download and Install Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 - PC

Download for PC - server 1 -->

PC Alternatives:
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MAC Download:
Download for MacOS - server 1 --> Free

Installation Requirements

PC Compactibility/Requirements for Installation

Compactible OS list:
  1. Windows 11
  2. Windows 10
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Windows 7
  5. Windows Vista

Requirements for MacOS Installation

Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later.

Compactible OS list:
  1. macOS Ventura: 13.3
  2. macOS Monterey: 12.6.4
  3. macOS Big Sur: 11.7.5
  4. macOS Catalina: 10.15
  5. macOS Mojave: 10.14
  6. macOS High Sierra: 10.13


Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 - Is it safe to download?

Yes. The app is 100 percent (100%) safe to download and Install. Our download links are from safe sources and are frequently virus scanned to protect you

Software Reviews and Criticism

  • By Linnygirl55

    Avalon Legends Solitare 2

    Love this game. The challenge of not missing a card. I can always replay a hand to win all 3 stars or go on the the next challenge. Can play it for hours. I even like the little village that you build with the gold you win for playing a good Hand. Tired of playing, you have the option to continue next time you want to play. I play the free version and feel like there is nothing that I'm missing. Great game!

  • By BwayBabs

    Fun, but not worth the price and music is repetitive

    I’m one of those people who likes to complete each level at 3 stars. Therefore, I ended up completing the Camelot rebuild about halfway though the levels…now there’s no point to keep going, except maybe to get all the achievements…of which there aren’t very many in the first place. It was fun while it lasted, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think the price of buying all the levels (which I did) is worth it. I rebuilt Camelot…I still have 100+ levels to go… what for? I just wish there was more, I guess. The music is super repetitive, too. It’s like, 2-3 songs? Please have more music. Gets annoying after a while.

  • By LookedThree7

    A great game!

    A great game, it has a completely different twist on solitaire, I am really enjoying it so far. They have done a great job at making the items in the game attainable without spending hours upon hours collecting resources while yet not just handing you the items. Overall I would suggest this game to any friend who enjoys solitaire.

  • By Prysqm

    they force a 5 star to have access to more free levels. pretty ingenious but misleading like most.

    Not Free so it is misleading! They’re many other games out there for free although if I was the inventor of this game and put my work into it I would like the funds too. The fact that they use psychology manipulation tactics to lure you into buying their game is what has made me choice to give them a 1 star and that is only because there wasnt an option for givinng them none. Now for the game it does keep my interest and it is enjoyable to play, at least it is for me. Moral of the facts don’t mislead to the breaking point of lieing to folks. Thanks……..

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